ERS Suds Drainage cell 20mm

Drainage Cells or Grass or Gravel Porous Pavers

30mm ERS SuDSr Drainage Cells or Grass or Gravel Porous Pavers ERS SuDS 30mm Drainage Cell is a plastic cell structure designed for the creation of permeable grass/gravel areas subject to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, it is lightweight, easy to install and with excellent high strength interlocking system.

The cell structure provides high load bearing capacity and real containment of soil mix / gravel to create a permeable surface, due to its unique three dimensional design, it can withstand heavy traffic for parking lots without traditional problems associated with permeable paving such as overheating and compaction of the root zone.

The system can be used for storage, dispersion of cold or heat, reducing hydrostatic pressure for high water table and for filtration of rainwater as well as filled grass or gravel as porous pavers.

The sub-base requirement for ERS SuDS permeable paving is normally less than the sub-base required for concrete or bitumen paving systems, the large panel size supplied in pre-clipped format makes installation quick and easy for unskilled labour.

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